¡Somos La Luchita Project!


 We lead trips to Cuba for community organizers

Who we are

La Luchita means “the hustle.” When asking a Cuban about their day it’s common to hear “aquí, en la luchita” (here, in the hustle). Calling this project "La Luchita" is a way of honoring organizers and their hustle to build a better world for all.

La Luchita Project began in 2016. We saw the need for organized trips to Cuba that could engage with Cuba’s nuances from a community organizing perspective and with an emphasis on collective liberation.

We facilitate sliding scale, socially conscious trips. This means that participants pay what they can. We expect folks who benefit from systems of oppression to pay more. On the other hand, we’re very invested in getting capital into the hands of Cuban women and people of color (especially women of color) who don’t often benefit from the tourism industry.

Poets, artists, professors, and community organizers make up our facilitation team in Havana. We jam through the night with original lyrics, and have laugh-out-loud conversations over a cigar, rum, or just the crisp ocean air. Come reimagine collective freedom with us!

Here's what past participants are saying:

Sincerely, a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Marley and Rose’s personal connections to Cuba and the Cuban people made this trip incredibly special. As a Cuban-American who always wanted to visit and a left activist who had so many questions about Cuba, I feel so grateful that I had the opportunity to participate in La Luchita.


Our facilitators

Rose circle.png

Rose Espinola

is multiracial and grew up in the Florida swamplands. Rose has built more than a dozen winning campaigns, and has been part of autonomous womyn and people of color collectives. Some of Rose’s hobbies include hiking, unionizing the non-profit industrial complex, and watching trashy reality TV.

Twitter: @espinolars

Marley circle.png

Marley Pulido

is an Afro-Habanero based in the D.C. area. He has organized programming and logistics for over 20 trips to Cuba including a Congressional Delegation. He’s in a struggle to decolonize himself through Afro-Cuban traditional knowledge. Family and friends aside, there’s nothing that Marley loves more than going to a Cuban café to talk politics while eating pastelitos and croquetas. Twitter: @marley_pulido