La Luchita Familia


Winter 2016

This was La Luchita’s pilot trip to Cuba. We were eager to start a conversation about what solidarity with the Cuban people would look like. President Obama and President Castro seemed to have found a way to “normalize” relations between both governments. Then, one month later the U.S. government ended the “wet foot, dry foot” policy that gave preferential treatment to Cuban immigrants.


Summer 2017

Our second trip strengthened ties between participants and La Luchita's Cuban facilitation team. President Trump had recently announced changes in U.S. policy on Cuba, particularly around individual travel.


Summer 2018

The third La Luchita trip was our largest and most effortless. Participants from the U.S. shared stories of building electoral and unionization campaigns with La Luchita's Cuban facilitation team. It was truly magical. With Raúl Castro stepping down as the island’s President, Miguel Díaz-Canel was appointed to serve as the new President. Cuba was also in the process of re-writing their Constitution.


Winter 2018

We couldn't find a better way to spend the holidays than chatting about baseball, co-ops, and the Cuban LGBTQ+ community. Although the majority of voters were expected to vote "yes" on the new constitution, many were uncertain about how it would affect LGBTQ+ and working class people.


Summer 2019

Poetry and creativity were front and center on this trip. And the question around how to build a world where we can dream big and we can be free. Due to the uncertainty of US travel policy on Cuba, we decided to take a break. We'll be back, we promise!